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First Nations Outreach Project
Plan Of Action

The First Nations Outreach Project is one of the most diverse Non Profit organizations in the world.
Though diverse, it is also a focused organization.

Our efforts are indeed far looking and based on action rather than simply being a research organization.

In resolving the problems we face with our environment, eco-system, and wildlife issues we must develop educational programs which will reach to the core of the problems as well as resolutions to these problems. There are many organizations, which address the issues, few of them present solutions to the problems.

For the past nine years we have been rescuing captive bred wolves. We currently house 38 animals. Now with the life span of the endangered species act possibly meeting an untimely demise, we have moved forward to increase our efforts. Rescuing wildlife and rehabilitation alone will not correct this problem we have with endangered species.

Currently we have millions of acres of Public Lands that are leased to private individuals. This is land, which belongs to the people and should be used for the best interest of the people rather than for the best interest of a few private individuals.
We believe that if this land is reserved for wildlife buffer zones, then we will be able to protect not only our public lands, but the wildlife and their habitat that reside there.

It is obvious from the report issued by Secretary Norton that Nature Based Tourism bring far more funding to the public lands than the leasing of them to public individuals.

Our ideas are basic in nature and principle. We must educate the people about the state of their public lands, wildlife endangerment, damage to the land by private landowners, corporate pollution to public lands, government pollution of public lands, and how we can resolve these issues.

The ability to fight organizations like Farm Bureau requires funding which environmental and activist organizations do not possess and have little hope of establishing, or did until now.

By developing ideas, which help non-profit organizations, as well as for profit businesses based on nature, which is the fastest, growing area of economics in the world.

We for example are developing Wolf Gardens Wildlife Center. The Center will be a wildlife rescue, rehab, education and training center. It is centrally located to ten million potential visitors and could generate easily more than two million dollars each year.

Few organizations have the ability to generate funds to fight the big money we are faced with when we go against those companies such as Farm Bureau on the issue front lines.

Granted that this amount alone will not do the job against large companies, but the ability of a number of associated organizations with the same ability to generate funds will indeed make possible the funds needed to create change.

The First Nations Outreach Project has several areas of interest and are listed in no certain order.

Environmental Protection
Wildlife Protection
Human Rights
Habitat Protection
Civil Rights
Cultural Preservation
Natural Resource Preservation
Public Land Preservation

While in our opinion all of these things are inherently connected, each one is also an area with a great deal of complicated issues. All things are connected. This is the beliefs of most First Nations People. We seek to send forth Traditional Teachers to teach this and how we can change what has happened and is still happening, then we will find that this teaching will indeed join together many organizations which were not before connected, combining their efforts and bringing more effectiveness to their efforts.

We do not have all the answers, nor does any one person. The answers must come from many resources joined together rather than working autonomously on their own, the efforts of each affecting the efforts of others.

In order to save endangered species and species that are to become endangered, we must first protect their habitat. It will do little good to save endangered species if they have no habitat left for their survival.

In developing plans we must also realize that the execution of plans requires funding. Currently the funding for these issues is going basically to lobbying efforts. Has this been effective so far? No. Lobbyists have indeed gotten the ESA passed through the spending of millions of dollars and many years. Now we see the focused efforts on the destruction of the ESA. Will all that time and money become a waste? We hope not.

The cold truth is, we can not depend on Acts to do what needs to be done. We must find ways to prevent species from becoming endangered in the first place. We must find ways to protect the habitat. The only this will ever occur is if it is more financially beneficial to leave the wildlife and habitat as they are rather than to destroy it.

It is sad that our protection of the world we live on has come to a dollar value. It has and it will become worse as the demand for more land increases.

Our current progress rate will bring us to a point where there will no longer even be a place to go for a drive in the country, much less have public lands where we are able to protect wildlife.

For this reason we call for all organizations to join with us in our efforts.

We are a new non-profit organization, but we are not new at what we do.

Few people know what a grass roots organization truly is. I will tell you what they truly are. A grass roots organization is a group of people who are devoted to what they believe in to the point they go where they must go and do what must be done paying for it out of their own pockets with no funding from anyone. And this is how grass roots organizations are started. A few are able to grow and become effective on a large level.

We have moved to the next step. We have come to the understanding that we must grow in order to accomplish the things that must be done. Things we have no choice in changing if we are to survive the consumption of our world.

We need every single one of you. It will take each and every one of you. No effort is too small and no donation is too small.

If it is nothing other than sending our Blog to everyone that you know and asking them to do the same thing.

Don’t just ask them to send it on, explain to them in your own words why we must work together. Explain why it will take each of us to accomplish goals.

For those of you who are able to donate, I do not ask you to cease donating to Foundations who seek to change litigation, I just ask you to share your efforts in order to make the front line efforts as effective as the other efforts which are being made. I ask you to divide your donations between the litigation effort groups and us who are fighting to make change in areas where little litigation has even been discussed much less passed.

We can talk about making change or we can make change. Talking is important, but at some point, discussions must turn into action. Without action, discussion will die. How often have we seen this happen? How often have we been parts of discussion, which simply dies out and never developed?

If we are to make change, we must make this change quickly, we have little time left to put into motion the actions which will bring about permanent and long term change.

Only YOU can make change! YOU are the difference, which it will take to change the direction we are headed in.

We can make change fast, but we must start our education programs quickly, we must be able to train those who are hopeful front line workers.

To focus efforts in such a way will bring about tremendous momentum and success.

The call for action is sent out. The challenge issued.

If you can not donate, then host fundraising events for non-profits in your local area. Help to get the word out so it can be available to everyone possible.

Yes, I know that each local area has their own needs, I understand this. And many will say that making change on the local area is the way to success. Is it truly? If so, why has change not come already? Unless we make change world-wide, local changes will be lost in the tidal wave of destruction.

Jim Windwalker
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