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As promised a while back I am presenting my ideas on how we can control certain areas which many of us feel need desperate work.

The first area I am going to deal with is the Aerial Hunting in Alaska.

My take is this.
Wolf hunting is prohibited by the endangered species act, and even if the Gray Wolf is de-listed it will only be lowered to protected which still prevents the hunting aspect.
The endangered species act only prevents hunting in the lower 48 states.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law. With this guarantee comes the argument that equal protection also requires equal responsibility under the law. If Alaska is to be a full state, then it must be required to observe ALL the laws of the United States. Otherwise those of us who live in other states and are paying taxes (part of which will go to Alaska for programs, education, etc) will be un-equally protected. Therefore an injunction filed on these arguments can halt the hunting of wolves until such time that this argument can be fought all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if needs be. Will it cost money? Yes, it will, and money well spent. Anyone up to the challenge? We shall see.

The second area is similar. The leasing of Public Lands to private landowners.

Public Land is land owned by the people. Do we want to lease our land to private landowners to raise their own cattle for their own profit? I for one do not. Especially since NO money is sent back in to repair the damage that their cattle and fencing does to the land. I would prefer that the Public Land be used as a Wildlife Buffer Zone and be opened to public use. It is our land, let’s use it.

Again, an injunction can indeed stop the leasing of all Public Lands to private Landowners.

Of all the money we spend for lobbyists to lobby for new laws, I believe there is a far more effective way to spend that money. If we are going to spend millions of dollars, lets spend it in the right place and cut out the middle man who has no interest in winning or losing.

Simply put, we can resolve these issues in court much easier than hoping to get congress to change the laws. So what if it takes 25 years to win in court. We can still keep the injunctions on these issues active for 25 years. By then most of these issues would have become all but moot any way. Moreover, for those 25 years, we will indeed have kept these areas clear of the dangers. It also would give us time to develop additional ideas and fund in order to make these changes permanent.

With Respect,
Jim Windwalker
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Presented by; Jim Windwalker, Director/Manager First Nations Outreach Project

Over the years, the trend in funding for wildlife and environment has moved towards organizations mainly focused on legislation and lobbyist groups.
Both of the areas are important, however it has left little in the way of resources for those who have hands on organizations which actually deal with making immediate changes.

Animal funding for the most part has moved into the domesticated and pet organization arenas. Again leaving the wildlife organizations to pretty much fend for themselves. In more areas than not where wildlife funding is actually available it is for exotic animals (eg...lions, tigers, elephants, etc.) rather than indigenous wildlife

In order to actually correct the problems with our own endangered species Act, we are going to need to focus heavily on the rescue and rehab of endangered wildlife, reconstruction of habitat and education of the public to the dangers of loss of habitat and wildlife from our ecosystems.

The costs related to these goals are not small. However the degree of success in hands-on education is extremely effective and is likely the most effective area of conservation. The ability to bring visitors into a wildlife center and provide a full education program give people the feeling that making a difference is a personal experience. It also brings conservation to a personal responsibility level as well.

We do not believe that all funding should be discontinued for lobbying and legislative groups, however we do feel that unless the funding is expanded for hands-on organizations there will be little to legislate in the future.

Through proper funding of Wildlife Centers and organizations it is possible that we could prevent any species from becoming endangered again.

Habitat land acquisition and rescue will provide not only a means for improving the immediate critical needs of wildlife, but will provide education programs which will help to better prepare our future generations with tools to prevent the destruction of wildlife and habitat in the future through proper wildlife education.

America is one of the greatest super powers in the world. Along with that standing goes the responsibility to set an example for other Nations. An example which will show how important the environment is to all people of all countries. Currently the United States has the least funding available for indigenous wildlife of any country by national income.
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There are a number of reasons why you should not captive breed wild animals.
The first reason is simple. They are wild animals and deserve to live free.
Aside from this point there are many more.

Wild animals despite how much you may love them will always be wild animals. Many people go through a great deal of trouble and expense to buy a wild animal when it is small thinking that they can raise it and it will be a pet. As the animal grows older and the wild nature starts to become more prevalent, the owner becomes afraid or their neighbors do and the animal becomes a problem.

The problem has several option of resolution. None of which are the best for the animal. One is to find a rescue that will take. The second is to take it to a remote area and release it. This basically is a death sentence. A wild animal raised in captivity has depended on humans for food. They have no idea how to hunt and survive on their own, aside from the fact that most wild animals do not hunt alone. Some people think these animals will be readily accepted into groups like themselves, but there are not group like themselves. The captive bred wild animal does not have the survival instincts and skills, nor the social interaction required to be accepted by their own kind.

The last and equally undesirable option is to take the animal and have it put to sleep. None are the desired life for an animal which should be allowed to live with dignity.
And then, there are those who cross wild animals with domestic animals for fun and profit. Usually not educating those who are buying the animal of the special needs and the problems that can and will arise from hybrid breeding. I have often heard people say they did this to “help” the animals. I am still trying to figure out how hybrid breeding animals can help wild animals.

There is an acceptable answer, one with greatly desired effects. Help to develop ideas and ways to protect our public lands so that we will always have habitat for these wild creatures that we all love and need so much to remain part of our ecosystem.

Support front line activism and become personally involved.

Currently almost every rescue in the world is full to capacity. How long before funds dry up and then those who can not find homes all have to be put to death?

Become educated in the issues and take an active part in finding resolutions for those problems.
You can be a positive force in the protection of wildlife without having them in your house where they do not belong. As long as people try to make pets out of wild animals someone will always have to try to keep them from being killed.

If you find an injured wild animal, please do not take it home and try to make it better. First step, immediately seek and find a real rehabilitator. One who has the experience to rehab the animal and make sure that it can be returned to the wild.

In rehabbing wild animals it is important that they not become imprinted any more than is necessary. Other wise they will no longer be able to survive in the wild either/
If you want to get involved to a greater degree, then do volunteer work for the rehab center and make a real difference.

There are many way that you can help and do good. Just remember there are just as many ways that you can do harm.

Do what is right for the wildlife, not what makes you feel special. Having a wild animal for a pet does not make you “kool”. It makes you selfish. It makes you appear not to care about the wellbeing of the animal.

Would you want someone to cage you? Or would you rather live free and happy?

Remember as long as people captive breed animals, then someone will have to rescue these animals. This will always require funds which could better be spent on habitat preservation, eco system protection, and then we will really be protecting these beautiful wild animals which so deserve our help and protection.

Jim Windwalker
Director/ Defend The Wolves
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